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Θετικά μηνύματα από τις καταθέσεις πωλητήριων εγγράφων τον Ιούνιο

Θετικά μπορούν να χαρακτηριστούν τα μηνύματα από τις καταθέσεις πωλητήριων εγγράφων που κατατέθηκαν παγκυπρίως τον μήνα Ιούνιο του 2020. Σύμφωνα με τα στατιστικά στοιχεία που παρουσιάστηκαν από το Κτηματολόγιο Κύπρου,...

Real estate fundamentals limassol cyprus

Fundamentals of the real estate market

Understanding the real estate market makes you a more empowered buyer or seller. This primer explains five fundamental factors that affect the market and how they impact your buying and selling power. They include: Supply and demand Median home prices New construction Mortgage rates Economy If you’re a buyer, understanding these factors can help you determine...

How to sell a house fast limassol cyprus

What helps to sell your house fast

Whether it’s a job, a buying opportunity, or maybe just convenience, many home sellers’ primary goal is to sell their home fast. Working with an iBuyer like Opendoor can be a fast option. With Opendoor, if your home is eligible, you can get a competitive, all-cash offer on your home and sell in just a few weeks. However, if you decide to sell your home the traditional way, there are still...

How to figure out what to offer on a home limassol cyprus

How to determine what to offer on a house

Now that you’ve found the home you want, the hard work is done, right? Not exactly. Before you start submitting offers, you’ll want to figure out how much you should offer. Here are 4 factors that can help you decide what to offer on a home. We won’t beat around the bush; one of the most important parts of your offer will be the price. Unfortunately, figuring out what to...

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